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Many activities are planned for the students of Canadian Baptist Bible College giving them opportunites to build lifelong friendships and finding ecouragement and challenges from fellow Christians. 

Monthly College &

Single students are encouraged to be involved in the monthly Sunday School activities associated with their age group.

Volleyball Tournament

Volleyball is one of the highlights of every semester. Teams are set up each year and have the opportunity to play for the semester championship.

Valentine's Banquet

The Valentine's banquet is a special time that each college student is able to attend. This takes places at various venues each year.

Fall & Spring Kick-off

Every semester begins with an activity to "kick off" the semester. The fall activity is usually the highlight.

College Chapel 

Each weeknight of classes begins with a chapel service. Students are able to serve in various capacities in these services. Many guest preachers are invited in through the semester while also giving opportunity for the college men to preach.

Monthly Ladies' Meetings 

Pembina Valley Baptist Church hosts monthly ladies meetings where the college ladies are able to attend and fellowship with the ladies of the church.

Anniversary & Christmas Banquet

Pembina Valley Baptist Church celebrates its anniversary every December. This is celebrated with a Christmas banquet where students are able to attend.

Ladies' Conferences 

Ladies' Conferences are hosted each year and are open to ladies from other churches to attend.

 Weekly Sunday

Students have the opportunity to attend their appropriate Sunday School class each week or serve in a children's Sunday School class.

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