COVID-19 Information

Dear Students,


The new governmental restrictions do not require that we close our campus. There are some capacity restraints that do not affect Canadian Baptist Bible College due to our building capacity and student enrollment. The following guidelines are in place as stated below.


Classes on Campus

  • Due to our size and attendance numbers, we will continue in-person classes with social distancing and masks mandatory when moving to and from class and through the buildings.
  • Students are welcome to connect with other students on campus for purposes of shared learning activities and class projects. Please use masks and social distancing.
  • Off-campus students that feel a threat to their health may receive their classes online. Each student will need to make arrangements with his/her professor. We highly recommend you attend classes on campus.
  • If you are not feeling well, do not attend class.


  • Dormitories will remain open and fully operative. However, students staying in residence are asked to limit their travel off campus to only essential trips. 
  • The Dining Hall for dormitory students will remain open.

Campus Protocols

  • Students should enter through the east door.
  • Masks remain mandatory on-campus when you are in and moving through public spaces (ex. hallways, lounges, etc.).  
  • Use the hand sanitizers located throughout the buildings and in classrooms.
  • The library and music practice rooms remain open for staff and students.
  • Do not have close contact with persons that are not part of the student body or college staff while on campus.

Be safe and wise! Continue to pray that this time of restricted freedoms will soon pass. We have been through this since the spring semester 2020 and I appreciate your cooperation in making the adjustments as our work has gone on uninterrupted, but greatly inconvenienced. You have been troopers and the Lord is in control! Keep up the good work and do right!


In Christ,


Pastor Helm, AAS, BS, MEd, MCE

Vice President

Proverbs 3:5, 6



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