Explanation of Fees and Expenses



Standard Fees
Registration Fee   $50.00
Tuition per Credit Hour  


Room and Board (16 week semester)   $1,850.00
Student Activity Fee   $95.00
Library Part-time $35.00
  Full-time $70.00
Student Insurance per Semester   $7.50
Diagnostic or Challenge Testing Fees (per test) $60.00

Additional Fees
Late Registration Fee   $50.00
Course Audit Fee (non-credit, per hour)   $60.00
Vehicle Parking With Outlets   $75.00
Dorm Key Fee (refundable)   $15.00
Private Voice or Piano Lessons 30 min./lessons   $275.00
        (per semester) 45 min./lessons $295.00
  60 min./lessons $395.00
Practice Room Rental (per semester)   $60.00
Internet Access Fee (per semester)   $75.00
Graduation Fee (incl. diploma, cap & gown)   $400.00
Late Payment Fee   $25.00

Unexcused absence from orientation will result in 20 demerits and $75.00 added to the school bill.

The student is responsible for all texts and additional materials as required for each course taken.
12 or more hours constitute full-time. 11 hours or less constitute part-time. Full-time students pay for 13 hours and receive up to 3 credit hours free.

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