A Message From the President

President Michael W. Sullivant, B.S, D.D.

"I am called to preach," are the words spoken by six men attending the Pembina Valley Baptist Church in 1995. These men were all married men with family responsibilities. We began meeting on Saturday morning from 9:00 until noon. Approximately 10 to 14 men came to hear the instruction from the Pastoral Epistles. In the fall of 1996, the church voted to move toward a regulated and regimented educational program. Hence, the start of Canadian Baptist Bible College.


We have a real desire to train preachers for the ministry. We not only want them to be trained in theory, but also in practice. Too many leave our colleges and flounder on the implementation of the principles they have been taught. Our goal is to fully equip the “man of God” for the ministry. Our preachers in training, preach in churches, rest homes, rescue missions and other available places that present themselves.


The students also learn how a local church operates. The students see and experience a church which is seeking to bring glory to God by the fulfilling of the Great Commission. They see and experience the thrills and victories, as well as, the defeats and discouragements. They work side-by-side with laymen in Sunday School and other children’s ministries. Then, when they begin in their own local church ministry, they will understand what their people are going through.


Our church and college are “family friendly.” Many students find it hard to pack up and move to the States for their education. Canadian Baptist Bible College is a Canadian alternative to help those who are called to ministry whether married or single. We must do what we can to train Canadians in Canada.


We are seeking to do the will of God. If God burdens your heart for a balanced Christian education, it could be that Canadian Baptist Bible College is the will of God for your life at this time.


Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of some help.

Canadian Baptist Bible College

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Winkler, Manitoba R6W 4A6


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